Launching of mobile banking services (IMPS & UPI)

The Bank is very pleased to inform the launching of Mobile Banking Services (MBS) on 02-03-2018 for its esteemed customers. In its first phase of implementation Bank is offering a basic app to our customers with the following facilities –

  1. Balance Inquiry – the customers will be able to view the real-time account balance
  2. Mini Statement – the customers will be able to view the last 9 transactions
  3. Intra-bank funds transfer- the customers will be able to transfer fund to self or any third party accounts after registration of beneficiary/ directly by providing the account number or mobile number. Intra-bank funds transfer can be done in two ways as follows–
    1. Mobile-Mobile – for mobile-mobile intra-bank funds transfer, the beneficiary mobile number should also be registered for mobile banking services with the bank.
    2. Mobile-Account – for mobile-account intra-bank funds transfer, beneficiary account need not be registered for mobile banking services, as it is within the same Bank.
  4. Inter-bank funds transfer
  5. Inter Bank Fund Transfer through NEFT
  6. Inter Bank Fund Transfer through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) which would offer instant 24×7 interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones.
DetailsMinimum Transaction
Amount (Rs.)
Per transaction Limit (Rs.)Daily Limit (Rs.)Weekly Limit (Rs.)Monthly limit (Rs.)Daily number of financial transactions limit
Inter- bank/ Intra- bank Funds transfer10/-25,000/-25,000/-1,00,000/-2,00,000/-50
Customers desirous of availing the services are to approach his/ her home branch with the duly filled in prescribed application form. They are also required to go through the safety and operative guidelines for a secure Mobile banking experience